Roland CY-18DR Digital V-Cymbal Ride - Unopened

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This is an unopened Roland CY-18DR digital ride cymbal. It came as part of a TD-27KV drum set and was not used. It includes the manual and the digital cable to connect it to the module. This is compatible with the Roland TD-50 and TD-27 modules only.

We are often asked if you can add a second digital ride cymbal using the third digital input on the TD-50 or TD-27. You can add a second CY-18DR, but it will only work as a two zone cymbal. It will also replace one of your other inputs, whichever you assign it to. So if you assign it to "Crash 1", it will replace the cymbal you have connected to the Crash 1 input.

NOTE: Because this came as part of a TD-27KV, it will not include the CYM-10 cymbal rotation stopper pieces. The TD-27KV comes with those pieces built into the drum stand so they don't include it with the cymbal, but the manual for the CY-18DR still lists it as an item that should be in the box. If you need a CYM-10, we sell those too.

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